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About AMRUT City

The South Dum Dum Municipality (S.D.D.M) established in the Year 1871, is one of the oldest Urban Local Bodies in the State of West Bengal. The origin of SDD was a humble and obscure one. It was an insignificant village belonging to the Panihati Zamindari Estate. Unfortunately, the Zamindar had little interest in the welfare of the people of this village. However, the village, located within strategic proximity to Kolkata on land that was elevated, compared to the forests and the marshes surrounding it, and having two natural outfall drains, the Bagjola Canal and the Cantonment Canal, both of which emptied into the Krishnapur Canal, was quick to attract the British.

The first reference to the village dates back to the 8th of February 1757. Robert Orme in his “History of the War in Bengal” writes that it was on this day that “Lieutenant Colonel Robert Clive, leading his troops in dense fog against Nawab Sirajudullah’s army camped at Sealdah crossed the road that leads to Dum Dum, an old building stationed on a mound”. In fact, the name of this city is said to have its origin in the Persian “Dum Duma”, meaning an elevated earthen mound for the practice of archery and such other martial arts. Local people believed that a spirit created the mound overnight.

However, what is of more interest to us is the fact that Lord Clive took a special interest on the house located on the mound. The building originally belonged to Mir Jafar, who used it to entertain Lord Clive. Soon after the battle of Pallassey, Lord Clive began to use it as his own country retreat, which he regularly visited with friends at weekends. After the departure of Lord Clive, the building was used as a place of rest for Officers of the Bengal Regiment leading their troops in the practice of artillery on the plain outside the building before a cantonment was build to the North.

Area of the Municipality is 17.39 sq. km, comprising of 35 Municipal Wards, with population 402844 (Census 2011), each ward represented by an elected municipal councillor.  It has a special importance to the people of North 24-Parganas District and especially to the people who prefer to live just outside the KMC (Central business district) and its surrounding areas.  It is one of the gateways to KMC for the northern part of Bengal.


Message from the Chairman

This Municipality aims at providing basic services (e.g. water supply, sewerage, urban transport) to households and build amenities in cities which will improve the quality of life for all citizens , especially the poor and the disadvantaged. Experience shows that infrastructure creation should have a direct impact on the real needs of people, such as providing taps and toilet connections to all households. This means that the focus should be on  infrastructure creation  that has a direct  link  to provision of better services to people. Therefore, the present Board of Councillors aim at;


A vat free city

abolition of uncovered drains
ensure availability of toilets to each & every household
access to a tap with assured supply of water and a sewerage connection
increase the amenity value of cities by developing greenery and well maintained open spaces.


Progress Update & New Schemes:

Acquiring compactor machines (both static & mobile) from Government and also purchase of the same for a vat free city
Initiatives for construction of covered drains across all wards of the Municipality
Conduct of survey of Insanitary Latrines across the Municipality and providing sanitary toilets to each household.
Storm Water Drainage project
Implementation of AMRUT project
Implementation of NULM project
Implementation of Housing for All project
Construction of super specialty hospital
Setting up 24x7 Primary Health Care Center at Municipal Hospital
Providing Old Age, Widow & Disability pension from Municipal fund.
Providing annual grants to poor & meritorious students.
Providing annual grants to topper students from various Board Examinations.
Providing social grants for treatment of poor needy citizens



Key Meetings / Activities etc.


Chairman-in Council Meetings are held every week for implementation of new schemes & review of on-going schemes
Meeting of the Board of Councillors held on the last working day of every month for finalization new schemes & review of on-going schemes
Meeting of various committees like Tender Committee, Accounts committee for transparency in administration
Conduct of Annual Paribesh Mela for environmental awareness in January 2016.
Conduct of Chatra Yuba Utsab, Natya Utsab, Subhas Utsab etc. for social awareness in December 2015 and January 2016
Proposed conduct of Lalan Utsab in February 2016

New initiative:

The Municipality proposes to introduce on-line taxation system in 2016. Necessary work for software development in under progress.




Pachu Ray